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Terms and conditions


Welcome to our online shop (www.corinavladescu.com). This web site ("we", "ours") is the property of SC. SPITE & MALICE FASHION S.R.L. (J40/13389/2005, RO17832158). The access and the use of this site, of the information, services, and products therein are regulated by the following terms and conditions ("T&C") and by the security of information (SI). Placing online orders means that you accept the T&C and the SI, and therefore, please read them carefully.
We could modify the T&C and the SI depending on the opinions of our site's users. For this reason, please verify them before logging in. If you disagree, please do not use this site. Any changes after the placing and our confirmation of the order, will not affect the order except when required by the law.

Our Business Policy

We offer products for sale on www.corinavladescu.com and its e-commerce business services are available exclusively to its end users, i.e. the "Consumers".
"Consumer" shall mean any individual who is acting for purposes which are outside his or her trade, business or profession. If you are not a Consumer, please do not buy any products on www.corinavladescu.com.
We reserves the right not to process orders received from users who are not "Consumers" and any other order which does not comply with our business policy. These General Terms and Conditions of Sale exclusively regulate the offer, transmission and acceptance of purchase orders relating to products on www. corinavladescu.com between the users of www. corinavladescu.com and our company.
The General Terms and Conditions of Sale do not regulate the supply of services or the sale of products performed by third parties that are on www.corinavladescu.com through links, banners or other hypertext links. Before sending orders and purchasing products and services from those third parties, we recommend that you verify the third party's terms and conditions, since we shall under no circumstances be deemed liable for the supply of services provided by third parties or for the execution of e-commerce transactions between the users of www.corinavladescu.com and third parties.

Placing the order

In order to place an order for the purchase of one or more products on www.corinavladescu.com, you must fill out the online order form and send it electronically to us, following the relevant instructions.
The order form contains information on the main characteristics of each product ordered and corresponding unit price (including all applicable fees and taxes), the type of payment that you may use in order to purchase each product, shipping terms for the purchased products, shipping and delivery costs.
An order shall be deemed to have been submitted when we receive your order form electronically and the order information has been verified as correct.
Before submitting your order form for the purchase of products, you will be asked to carefully read the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, to print a copy or reproduce a copy thereof for your own personal use.
The order form will be filed in our data base for the time required to process your order and as provided by law. You may access your order form by clicking on the section called My Orders. Before submitting the order form, you will be asked to identify and correct possible input errors.
English is the language used for placing the order.
After your order form has been submitted, we will process your order.
We may not process purchases when there are not sufficient guarantees of solvency, when orders are incomplete or incorrect, or the products are no longer available. In the above cases, we shall inform you by e-mail or phone that the contract has not been executed and that we do not carried out your purchase order specifying the reasons thereof. If the products displayed on www.corinavladescu.com are no longer available at the time of your last access and once we has received your order form, the we shall inform you of the unavailability of the ordered products within 24 hours from the day after we received your order. If the order form has been sent and the price has been paid for items that are no longer available, we will refund the amount paid for those items.
By submitting an order form, you unconditionally accept and undertake to observe the provisions of these Terms and Conditions of Sale. Should you not agree with certain provisions of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, please do not submit your order form for the purchase of products on www.corinavladescu.com.
By submitting an order form, you agree and accept these Terms and Conditions of Sale as well as further conditions contained on www.corinavladescu.com, such as Shipping & Delivery and Privacy.
Upon submission of an order form, we will send you a purchase order receipt e-mail, containing a summary of the information related to the order form.

Guarantees and Product Price Indication

On www.corinavladescu.com, we only offer products marked with the "Corina Vladescu" trademark. These products are directly from the fashion house.
We do not sell second-hand products, flawed products or products of lower quality than the corresponding market standards.
The main characteristics of products are shown on www.corinavladescu.com on each product page. The products offered for sale on www.corinavladescu.com may not exactly correspond to the real garments in terms of image and colours due to the Internet browser or monitor used.
Prices are subject to change. Check the final price of sale before sending the relevant order form.
All Products come with an identification label attached with a disposable seal. Do not remove the label or seal from the purchased products should you wish to return the purchased product.
Should you decide to exercise your right to return purchased products, we have the right to not accept returned products that are returned without the corresponding label or seal or that have been altered from their original status or damaged.

Governing Law

The contract between Us and the Purchaser shall be governed by the Romanian law and shall be construed pursuant to the regulations thereof. Any disagreements shall be settled amicably. If disagreements may not be solved amicably, they shall be subject to the Court of International Commercial Arbitration of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania, according to the regulation thereof.

Force majeure

Neither of the Contracting Parties shall be liable for the failure to perform in due time and/or the improper - total or partial - performance of any of its obligations under this contract, if the non-performance or improper performance of those obligations was due to force majeure, as defined by law.


All content incuded in www.corinavladescu.com, such as design, texts, graphics, structure and all information site are the exclusive property of SC. SPITE & MALICE FASHION S.R.L and is protected by national and international copyright and other intellectual property laws. You may not reproduce, publish, distribute, display, modify, create derivative work from, or exploit in any way, in whole or in part, the Content without the prior express written consent of SC SPITE & MALICE FASHION SRL.
Any reproduction, publication, distribution, display, modification, creation of derivative work from, or exploitation in any way of, the content expressly authorized in writing by SC. SPITE & MALICE FASHION S.R.L shall be carried out by you for lawful purposes only and in compliance with all applicable laws.

Disclaimers on Content

We do not warrant that the contents of the web site are appropriate or lawful in other Countries outside Romania. However, in the event that such contents are deemed to be unlawful or illegal in some of these Countries, please do not access this web site and, where you nonetheless choose to access it, we hereby inform you your use of the services provided by www.corinavladescu.com shall be your exclusive and personal responsibility. We also adopted measures to ensure that the content of www.corinavladescu.com is accurate and does not contain any incorrect or out-of-date information. However, we cannot be held liable for the accuracy and completeness of the content, except for its liability for tort and gross negligence and as otherwise provided for by the law.
Moreover, we cannot guarantee that the web site will operate continuously, without any interruptions and errors due to the connection to the Internet. In the event of any problem in using our web site please contact us at mgmt@corinavladescu.com. A representative will be at your disposal to assist and help you to restore your access to the web site, as far as possible. At the same time, please contact your Internet services provider or check that each device for Internet connection and access to web content is correctly activated, including your Internet browser. The dynamic nature of the Internet and web content may not allow www.corinavladescu.com to operate without any suspensions, interruptions or discontinuity due to updating the web site. We have adopted adequate technical and organisational security measures to protect services on www.corinavladescu.com, integrity of data and electronic communications in order to prevent unauthorised use of or access to data, as well as to prevent risks of dissemination, destruction and loss of data and confidential/non confidential information regarding users of www.corinavladescu.com, and to avoid unauthorised or unlawful access to such data and information.


For any complaints, please contact us at mgmt@corinavladescu.com or to telephone no. +40 723 300 309. We assure you that we will do our best to solve your complaints in the shortest time possible.


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